Modern Traditions: A workshop with Adam Field and Alex Matisse

September 17th, 2012      9am – 5pm

For the first workshop at East Fork Pottery one of my favorite potters is coming all the way from Durango, CO to kick it off in style.   Adam Field’s forms are graceful, smooth, and strong, and his attention to detail is astounding.  Whether he is working on a large Onggi pot used traditionally for fermenting kimchi, or carving tight geometric patterns in porcelain, the pots sing with energy and life.  Come out to East Fork and see for yourself.

Photo by Claire Borlase

Adam will demonstrate the Korean coil and paddle clay-
vessel construction methods he learned in Korea as well as some less traditional methods he employs to create his more contemporary work.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Alongside him, I will demonstrate my own methods for large pot construction, regular wheel throwing, and the two different slip trailing techniques that I use.

Lunch will be followed by image and video presentations of my travels in Turkey, my three years of apprenticeship in North Carolina, and Adam’s Korean pottery apprenticeship. There will be discussions on technical production methods, aesthetic considerations, promotion and marketing insights, and general tom foolery, with more decorating demonstrations to finish out the day.

A BBQ lunch from 12 Bones in Asheville will be provided.  BYOB!

Work will be available for sale from both Adam and Alex.  Adam will have handmade Korean pottery tools available as well.

Space is limited to 15 participants.

Deadline for entry is September 1st.

$125 – Non student

$75 – Student

Contact me directly to sign up.

About Adam:
Born and raised in Colorado, Adam earned his BA in Art from Fort Lewis College. For two years he immersed himself in the culturally rich art scene of the San Francisco bay area, where he began his full time studio practice. From there, he relocated to Maui, where he established a thriving studio business. He spent most of 2008 in Icheon, South Korea, studying traditional Korean pottery making techniques under 6th generation Onggi master Kim Il Mahn. Adam has recently established his studio in Durango, CO. His works are included in private collections internationally.

For more information on Adam visit


2 thoughts on “Modern Traditions: A workshop with Adam Field and Alex Matisse

  1. I had the pleasure of watching Adam work during his visit to the UK where he worked with Douglas Fitch. It was an honour. For anybody who is thinking about attending this workshop, please stop thinking and sign up. I am confident that you won’t be disappointed.
    I am not a potter but the photographer of the above portrait that I am so honoured to see here.

    I wish both you and Adam well with your workshop.

    Claire Borlase.

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