Kiln Openings

We host Kiln Openings at our home and potter twice a year, one in the spring or summer and one in the fall.  They are exciting, celebratory events with good food, drink, company, and, of course, pottery.  Attending a kiln opening is an excellent way to get a sense of the entire process of a pot’s creation: from the raw clay as it’s dug from the ground, to the workshop, the large wood-burning kiln,  and to the finished work.  We hope to see you at our next opening!

We are open the rest of the year by appointment  If you are interested in seeing the work and the pottery, please don’t hesitate to call 828-689-4109 and schedule a time to stop by.

There is also work available online at our Etsy storefront which can be found here.  We’re trying to get better at posting work regularly, so drop by often!